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Browse the property listings in Tuscany featured in our showcase

Find your new home with the features you want. Barbagli Immobiliare is the real estate agency ready to meet your home purchase needs by providing you with professionalism and expertise in the field. Buy with confidence!


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Apartments for sale

You have a wide choice, whether you prefer an apartment in the city or in the historic center of a charming Tuscan village, or immersed in the tranquility of a less crowded area. Discover different solutions in various sizes and prices. Select the property of your interest and contact us for more information.

Check our listings of Apartments for sale in Arezzo and other areas.

Luxury properties for sale

Enjoy a unique experience in the most charming places. Look at the descriptions and call us for a visit.

Click to see our Luxury Property for Sale in Tuscany.

Commercial Spaces and Activities for sale

The most interesting investment opportunities in the area. Find the type of company that most attracts you. We are available for a meeting and give you all the information you need.

Check out the latest offers in  business activities for sale near Arezzo.

Real Estate Opportunities

A collection of limited-time offers and unrepeatable prices. Send us your request before it's too late!

Select the "Opportunities" filter to see the properties covered by the initiative.

Single and Semi-Detached Houses for sale

This is the ideal style if you are looking for a house with an independent entrance, without compromise on architectural style and size of the premises. You will find properties that develop on one or more floors allowing you to better organize your home environment.

Go to the   Single Houses section to discover the best offers in Arezzo and surroundings..

Terraced houses for sale

Here is a selection of housing complexes tailored for one or more families. Take a look to the offers available now ready for purchase.

See more in the section dedicated to Terraced Houses for sale in Arezzo and other areas.

Villas and Country Homes for sale

Prestigious properties that ensure unrivaled levels of comfort. Your dream home is just a step away from here. Realize your project with the assistance of our real estate agency. Think big!

Browse the property listings by visiting the page about Villas and Rural Homes for sale in Tuscany and nearby areas.